Marine Insurance | Low-Risk to High-Risk Insurance
Federal Clearing & Forwarding

Shipping cargo (whether by air or sea) comprises multiple parties involved in the handling and movement of your cargo. While most shipments arrive at the destination without any damage or loss, there are no guarantees. And when things go wrong either the shipper or the consignee can face large financial loss and be held responsible for large amounts of money.No one can predict if cargo will be damaged. And no one can predict if the vessel on which your cargo is being transported will suffer damage as a result of a natural disaster (Force Majeure) or other accidents. Piracy and theft are other significant risks that shippers face. Shippers and consignees can protect themselves against substantial financial losses (cost of the goods plus all other expenses related to shipping the cargo) and/or liability claims (general average), by getting All Risk Marine Insurance.

The cost of Marine Insurance relative to the value of the shipment is very low. But in the event of an insurance claim, you will be protected, both from the loss suffered to your cargo, and from the liability claim (you may be subject to as a result of damage to the carrier).

Federal Clearing & Forwarding offers marine insurance so that your shipment (both the cost of the goods plus all other expenses related to placing the cargo on the vessel) is adequately insured, from the moment it leaves the point of departure until it reaches the final destination. Different types of cargo insurance are available so that a tailor-made insurance package can be created for your specific needs, such as:

  • Annual, open and short-term cargo insurance for domestic and international shipments
  • Insurance cover for valuable cargo and fine arts
  • Insurance for project cargo, with the option to take cover for consequential loss
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Cargo storage insurance
  • Ad hoc/single shipment insurance
  • Insurance for hazardous and/or non-standard shipments

Medium / High-Risk Insurance Items

Tobacco, Alcohol, Wearing Apparel, Electronic Goods (incl. computer equipment), Fragile Items, White Goods, Artwork, Bagged Cargo, Metals (unprotected), Paper Products, Leather Goods).

Medium / Low-Risk Insurance Items

Drummed Cargo, Metals (protected), Stationary, Building Supplies, Hardware, Fabric, Motor Vehicles / Parts and Accessories, Plant and Machinery, Pharmaceuticals).

Perishable Cargo Insurance

Temperature Controlled and Non-temperature Controlled, Frozen and not Frozen.