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Federal Clearing & Forwarding

Federal Clearing is a well-established freight forwarding and customs clearing agency that is able to offer credit terms to its customers with its own cash reserves and through support from Nedbank debtor finance/invoice discounting. Invoice discounting, also known as debt factoring, enables you to unlock your cash flow up to 80% of your debtor’s book.

This allows us to offer flexible finance terms to our customers, which include payment terms of 3 days, weekly, 14 days, month end and 30 days from statement.

We will only extend trade credit to clients and agents who are insured.

Insured clients are underwritten by Coface trade credit insurance. Coface insures businesses – from SMEs to multinationals – against unpaid invoices. This reduces the risk of non-payment. Coface does all the due diligence and credit checks on prospective clients to ensure that they have the financial stability to be extended credit, and to what limit.

WCAworld’s Gold Medallion Financial Protection Plan allows us to conduct business internationally with highly qualified, and proven independent freight forwarders from all around the world with complete confidence, security, and peace of mind as each new member undergoes full background and financial checks before they become enrolled as a WCAworld member company. The protection plan guarantees transactions between enrolled member offices in case of non-payment of unpaid invoices.

Importers and exporters can apply for trade finance through a letter of credit from a banking institution, which will help the importer and exporter to enter a trade transaction and reduce the risk of non-payment or non-receipt of goods. As a result, cash flow is improved since the buyer’s bank guarantees payment, and the importer knows the goods will be shipped. This type of trade finance ensures fewer delays in payments and, shipments, allowing both importers and exporters to run their businesses and plan their cash flow more efficiently.

Finance fees are bench-marked according to the interest rate set by the South African Reserve Bank.

Payments can be made via bank transfer / electronic funds transfer (eft), online with your VISA debit card, VISA credit card or Mastercard through our online payment portal, which is hosted by PayGate or Cash deposits, however, be aware that cash deposits will attract a fee of 5% of the amount payable.
If you are paying from an overseas account, you can pay directly into our US Dollar account via wire transfer.