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Come and ride the Swiss Epic with me, it will be fun

August 2022: Jenna and I met at Zurich airport, 2 mountain bikers, luggage, the (already mangled) Melon cardboard box and the impressively heavy Scicon bike box which Jenna had somehow managed to get aboard her Swiss Air flight despite it being 9kg over the limit.

We maneuvered ourselves and the luggage onto the SBB double decker train to Zurich HB station, then to Chur, capital of the Graubunden region of Switzerland. There we transferred onto the red Rhaetian Rail which ascends nearly 1000m up into the Swiss Alps.

Arosa was the starting point of the 2022 Swiss Epic. It is a sleepy town of less than 3000 people surrounded by spectacular but intimidating peaks – a skiing haven in the winter months but a mountain biking mecca in summer.

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