Domestic Collections and Deliveries
Federal Clearing & Forwarding

Federal Clearing is able to move parcels nationally. With offices in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Vereeniging, and agents in major cities and towns we can move your parcel or documents to where you need them at short notice. By providing the collection and destination details, we will source excellent service at a great rate. Here is a list of some of the popular places we can accommodate in terms of collections and deliveries.

We offer city-to-city services, too – by air or by road. In order to request a quote, please send us the following information:
Pickup and delivery addresses. Description of the cargo. Is it hazardous? If hazardous, please include a material safety data sheet (MSDS). How is it packed (for example: boxes, crates, pallets, drums, flow bins, cylinders, bottles, etc.)? Do you require further packing or securing of the goods (palletising, strapping, etc.) Are there any special handling instructions? Should the goods be transported in a closed vehicle? What are the dimensions of the pieces? How much do the pieces weigh? Do you require storage before delivery on a specific date or time?

Note that we always recommend insuring goods – please don’t ever just rely on the liability insurance of the transporter or the carrier. Please approach us to get a quote to insure your goods while in transit.

Federal Clearing has developed a reliable network of domestic transporters and service providers so that you can hand your goods over with confidence.