Door-to-Door Services | Transport Services
Federal Clearing & Forwarding
Door to Door is a transport service covering transport from the seller´s premises to the buyer´s premises. Incoterms chosen should appear in the contract of sale (an agreement between seller and buyer). Depending on whether the transaction is an import or export, it could be EXW (Ex Works), DAP (Delivered At Place) or DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

This way, everything is taken care of by Federal Clearing and the customer is free from all the hassle related to the logistics of the shipment. This is a complex process, as it includes multiple steps ranging from organising the collection/pick-up from the supplier’s warehouse, export documentation, delivery to the port/airport, booking airfreight/sea freight, customs clearance upon arrival and delivery to the desired location.

There are many advantages of door-to-door pick-up and delivery – above all, saving time, effort and money. With one point of contact, there is no need to contact multiple companies, airlines, shipping lines and truckers. You are dealing with one company that will bill you in one currency.

Federal Clearing is a member of the world’s largest freight forwarder network, WCA World, which offers us access to freight forwarder partners in every corner of the globe. The extensive global network of agents has over 5,304 members in 190 countries. This gives us the resources and access to in-depth international knowledge necessary to support your logistic requirements, even in remote or rural areas.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes competitive pricing, securing bookings, documentation handling and tracking updates. This means that wherever your cargo is headed, you’ll have a dedicated local team supporting you.

Cross trade is a shipment organised between two countries – neither of which the seller is locally based in. They’re also known as foreign-to-foreign shipments, third-party shipments or – more commonly – triangle shipments.


  • Accessing new markets – cross trades are a great way to break into a new market without being locally based.
  • Lower supply chain costs – Cross trades completely remove the need to bring goods into the seller’s country, which means removing freight costs, duty costs and taxes associated with initially importing the product.
  • Reduced transit time – You can get your product to your customer faster.
  • Using Federal Clearing, a local forwarder – Rather than trying to find someone overseas to manage a cross-trade shipment for you. You can deal with a company in your own time zone, which will manage the complexities of each country for you while you keep one local contact.

The commercial sell rate of your products will be the commercial invoice used on entry to the destination country (not your manufacturer’s invoice).

The Bill of Lading will specify the shipper (a switch bill of lading will be used to replace this information from the original bill of lading) so that your client does not see who your supplier is.